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Training for new presenters



Welcome to Operation Lifesaver’s online training course for new presenters. Completing this course will be your first step towards obtaining your Operation Lifesaver (OL) presenter's certification.


To acquire this certification :

  1. You must exhibit a keen interest in conducting presentations.
  2. You must be sponsored by OL or one of its member agencies (a group approved by OL that would endorse your active participation in OL programs).
  3. You must complete the registration form (available from the menu on the left by clicking ), and provide the necessary personal and employment references; your sponsor will need to contact the references supplied. All applicants must also participate in a personal interview.
  4. Your application must be pre-approved by an OL supervisor. Following this, you will be given a user name and password which will give you access to the on-line training course.
  5. You will be required to apply for a police record check and submit the report to OL. This is your responsibility.
  6. You will need to successfully complete Part 1of the on-line training course (accessed from the menu on the left by clicking  )
  7. As part of OL’s approval process, you are also required to successfully complete Part 2, the in-class component of the training. Note that OL and/or one of its partners schedules the training and certification for all candidates.
  8. Within 90 days of your in-class course completion, you will be required to give an OL presentation under the supervision of a presenter-trainer or a certified presenter. Presenters will be certified following a successful presentation.
  9. To maintain your certification, you will be required to give at least four OL presentations within two years. If this cannot be accomplished within the prescribed time frame, the presenter must again be supervised during a presentation to renew their certification.
  10. A new police record check is mandatory every 3 or 4 years or at the request of OL.


For more information, please contact :

Maryse Betournay
Senior Administrative Assistant
Operation Lifesaver

Telephone : (613) 564-8100
Fax : (613) 567-6726